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Greenpages Slovak Business Directory

Bartošík Šváby s.r.o.

Plynárenská 7/A, 821 09 Bratislava - Ružinov
Tel: +421 (0)2 5244-2181
Fax: +421 (0)2 5244-2182
Email: office@bartosiksvaby.sk
Web: www.bartosiksvaby.sk
Authorized representative: Boris Šváby, Peter Bartošík, Igor Šváby

Communication possible in:
English, French, German, Slovak

The law firm Bartošík Šváby (formerly B&S Legal) provides legal services mostly to foreign clients in their commercial activities in the territory of the Slovak Republic. Our experienced attorneys provide comprehensive professional services with the utmost emphasis on our clients’ business plans. The quality of our services ranks us among the leading law firms on the Slovak market. Our clients value us as a reliable and trustworthy partner due to our broad professional and human experience.

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